The University of Seville is leading the debate and reflection on Artificial Intelligence by organising the 'I Foro sobre Inteligencia Artificial y Sostenibilidad' ('I Global Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability'). This forum, which will be held at the end of September 2023, will be supported by Google Spain.


The aim of this forum is to give a voice to the most prominent people on the international and national scene on those issues that interest and concern both experts in this field, as well as companies and public institutions interested in artificial intelligence. For this reason, this '1st Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability' was created with the aim of bringing together all those universities, companies and institutions interested in this subject.


Over two days, debate panels will be held which will be grouped into four main thematic areas: human welfare, economic and technological development, attention to the environment and social development. Each of these different panels will be made up of national and international researchers and professional experts, as well as representatives of public institutions of maximum relevance in this area of work.

With this initiative, the University of Seville reinforces its position in technology and current challenges, such as artificial intelligence, on which several research groups are already working.


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