We warmly invite papers from any discipline that touch—explicitly or implicitly—on the topic of fame, as we meet in Seville, December 12 and 13 2024 to discuss Cavendish. We especially encourage papers from postgraduate students and scholars not adequately represented in the academy. The event will be held in person, although online options might be available (TBA). Topics might include, but are not limited to:

-         Cavendish and fame in literature (poetry, fiction, biography, literary history and literary theory).

-         Cavendish and fame in philosophy.

-         Cavendish and fame in herstory/women’s studies.

-         Cavendish and fame as it relates to queer theory.

-         Cavendish and theology, especially notions of the afterlife.

-         Cavendish, fame, and biography.

-         Cavendish and fame in the fine arts.

-         Cavendish and fame as it relates to the history of science/intellectual history.

-         Cavendish and fame in early modern society, or her growing stature in contemporary pop culture.

-         Cavendish and fame in communication.

-         Cavendish, fame, and ethics.

Please send an abstract of no more than 250 words and a brief (100-word) bio to the Conference Committee by July 15, 2024 at imcsconf24@us.es